Lebanon sucks. Yes I said it.

I’ve lived in Lebanon my entire life. Yes, I traveled every now and then but I’ve never been away from this country for more than 3 weeks in a row. I’ve also had dozens of opportunities to work abroad and I’ve declined them all. I was the first one to defend this country when anyone tried to insult or say anything about Lebanon in a negative manner. I was the first one to raise the Lebanese flag when any national team is playing in any tournament. I loved this country.

Where is Lebanon today? Better yet, what is Lebanon today? Is it a country? Is it a playground? Is it a cake that everyone wants a piece of?

The way I see it, we’re infested. The infestation is both internal and external. Internally we are infested by Politicians (Or what I’d like to refer to as Pesticians) and externally through nations with interest in Lebanon’s  strategic location. Clearly this is no news to anyone. We all know the issues and we’re all bitching about them daily. What I simply don’t get, is how we are still giving power to the same Pesticians that keep sending this country to the stone age.

Don’t try to look for my affiliation. If it were up to me, I’d send every Pestician to jail. They’re all criminals. Whether murder or theft, we simply cannot place Lebanon’s fate in people that only care about their personal interest and leave the poor public drowning.

I watch the news, everyday. I listen to news everyday and every day I hear the same old bullshit. 14 on 8th case, 8 on 14th case. If not, the president and the prime minister are trying to form a ‘discussion table’ (Tawlet 7iwar) that either never gets done or never results in anything. Whenever an critical issue needs to be dealt with (after numerous public pleas), we get the usual “A community with Pestician A, B, C has been formed to solve the issue” which gives some hope to the public but silently fades away with no result whatsoever. Isn’t this a repeating pattern? Seriously. Is there anything in this country that does not smell? We have a media station for every single political party. How can we so blind as to take anything the media says as True, or remotely True.

Life as a Lebanese Citizen is terrible. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor we’re all suffering from the same issues but we’re accepting them. How is it possible to accept having 1 hour of electricity every 24 hours? Is having electrical power considered luxurious? Is it really acceptable that we have to pay two bills (recently just an outstanding one) just to have electricity? How is it remotely possible that someone has to pay $100+ simply to get 5 Amps of electricity. The water issue is the same. Then comes the Internet and telecom. The entire country was excited when the new plans were announced in September 2011 and were released in October 2011. How’s the internet today? Better or worse?. Try not to use the ‘old infrastructure’ as a reason to disprove what I’m saying. If the old infrastructure cannot handle the new plans, then simply DON’T RELEASE THEM until the infrastructure is fixed! Internet in Lebanon (specifically ISPs) is analogous to a bakery that has one oven and can produce a specific amount of bread loaves. That bakery can serve a specific amount of people per hour, yet greed makes them accept ten times the amount of people while degrading the quality of the bread they’re serving not to mention splitting those loaves into breadcrumbs first.

Traffic. Oh the horror. When was the last time you were able to reach your destination without having to get stuck in traffic? Everyone in this damn country has a car. People have no concept of car pooling. I sold my car because I simply DO NOT NEED it. On route to my office I can drop my wife at work and my son at the nursery and on the way back I can pick them up and go home. Doesn’t that apply to people living in the same area working in the same company? For the love God, car pool if you can. Public transportation is also a big issue in Lebanon but let’s not delve into that.

Resorts, restaurants and the lot. I took my son to a beach resort a couple of weeks back. I figured I’d take him late in the afternoon to avoid too much sun. How long do you need to stay in a resort with a 2 year old? 2, 3 hours max. How is it possible that the price per person is 40,000L.L (almost 27$) especially when I’m simply staying there from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. Am I being served caviar? Are we swimming in a pool of gold? The worst part of it is, we pay.

There’s too much to say and too little time (or patience for that matter) to say it. All I can say is that change is in our hands. It’s up to us to make this change, no one will make it for us. If you want Lebanon to change, you have to change those in power. Those in power do not magically get power. We give them power.

Stop voting for the same Pesticians.


6 thoughts on “Lebanon sucks. Yes I said it.

  1. To glad to be a man. The first part of your article represented me up to 2003. Travelled a lot, but always wanted to get back home. But one day I had it. I decided to leave for good, and I did. Since 2003 I never returned. It is sad, but I don’t think it will ever change. I don’t think the people want to change. As long as you have the tribal mentality ruling, there is no hope. But, the country is always in my thoughts. Reading your email, made me realize, that I saved 8 years of misery of my life and gave my son, who was born here a chance of the lifetime. But I am still proud to be Lebanese despite everything

    1. Man I am glad I found this article. I thought I was the only one with these feelings. I moved to the USA in 2000 and never went back. I meet Lebanese people here but most of the,have the same stupid mentality as back home. No matter how far they are from home they are still divided between different parties and they are always on bad terms with each other. So I try my best staying away from everyone.

  2. 100% True. The Only Thing that makes me hate lebanon is the electricity

  3. You’re damn right fuck Lebanon, driving here is the worst, this is why I don’t drive in this retarded country. I was never proud to be Lebanese.

  4. Wow. Everything I’ve suppressed from being lebanese is what you wrote. I just went back to Lebanon (as an American citizen) to visit family, and it seems to just be getting worse. Lebanese people claim that they are the best, and most intelligent but are living like complete animals. I love our culture it’s very rich and we have very confident mindsets, but the way our people accept their living conditions are ridiculous.

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